Part I: Me. You. Us.

A short documentary film that looks at youth work in the city of Gelsenkirchen, Germany. 

Amongst others, two Syrian refugees tell their story and how government funded projects

helped them settle into their new homes. 

Me. You. Us. - Full Film

Me. You. Us. - Full Film

Part II: Star of Betlehem

In November 2017 I visited Aida refugee camp in Betlehem, Palestine. I met a young man there, named Mohammad who lives at Aida and runs a charity to support the children of the camp. He and his colleagues are fighting for a non violent resistance. 

He invited me to the camp where I learnt about the history of Aida. The camp was established in 1950 and hosts refugees from 17 demolished villages from the northwestern area of Jerusalem which made the residents of Aida refugees in their own country. 

I spoke to the people of Aida, mainly children and I listened to the ever repeating stories of violence and hardship.

This is a mini portrait photo series about the residents of Aida. 

Part III: I Lave You, God

In 2015 I started a first portrait photo series with refugees in Germany after the arrival of thousands of people from war torn countries. 

Some of them had been placed in container camps, some had been given shelter in hotels. I met them living a life in limbo, waiting for their asylum plea to be approved or denied. This  could often take years in which they aren't allowed to work or leave the local area they had been assigned to. I asked them to show me their most treasured possession they were able to bring from their home countries. Some of them arrived without any possession at all. 

Part IV: Attempts to say the Unspeakable

I met those young Syrian refugees in 2017 to take their portraits for this book project in Germany. This writer's workshop and many other projects have been part of government funded schemes to help the integration of refugees. Most of them were very shy and their German language was weak. When I met them again in 2018 and 2019 I was blown away by how they had come out of their shell and how fluent their German was. They were brave enough to share their memories of war with the world. 

Portrait Photography, interviews and creative text. 

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