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Celebrity & Music Photographer

As a music photographer in London, I live and breathe working closely with many great musicians. Music was one of my earliest passions, and informs my work as a music photographer. Personally, working as a photographer offers me a way to combine my two passions in music and photography. From inception to delivery, my vision is to form a creative partnership, where the unique visual language of each artist is explored. The result is an unparalleled visual extension of the artist, where the music is seamlessly blended with photography. As part of the creative partnership, the working process is tailored to the bespoke nature of the artist's personality. As a music photographer,  for current album promotion or social media, I will take every artist's journey into consideration in order to shape a unique concept around their personal story. 

Concept Development

I provide bespoke creative 

concepts for musicians, bands, artists and labels. I devise ideas for projects of promotional nature or editorial quality. With mood boards and concept papers, I take music and celebrity photography from inception through to delivery.

Portrait Photographer


With more than eight years of experience as a freelance photographer, shooting people is my bread and butter. I love shooting on location but I also have access to studio space. I can offer a combination of portrait photography and video if required by the artist. 

Professional Retouching

All photographs receive retouching with the Adobe Suite by myself or a member of my team. Extensive years of experience working as retouchers for high end photography studios allows us to meet industry standards.

If you are an artist or label interested in music-related video content, follow the link to learn more about my portfolio of music videos.

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