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Music Video Production

The field of music video production seamlessly bridges my background as a music still photogrpaher and music video director. With an extensive background as a photographer and director, I create sophisticated and conceptual videos that align with the artist's vision. In the same light, I am passionate about creating music videos that tell a compelling story. Additionally, my ability to move seamlessly between both roles has honed my capabilities in both realms and deepened my understanding of working with musicians. 


My experience in music video production is informed by my work with signed musicians seeking conceptual, cinematic music videos. In working closely with the artist from conception to delivery, I strive to elevate the artist's profile while contributing to their commercial success during every stage of the music video production. 


I will help you derive a concept for your music videos and develop viable ideas. This includes storyboards and scripts if needed.

I can also assist with music video 

production if required.



I will guide your music video as a creative director to achieve your artistic goals. I have over 6 years of experience as a music video director.


Tailored to your needs, I also offer video editing to complete your music video from pre-to post-production. 



In addition to my role as a director, I can operate as a videographer to shoot live music and artist promotion video content including interviews, podcasts, tour-related videography and more.

If you are an artist or label interested in music photography, follow the link to find out more.

Music Video Production & Director I Videographer London


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