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Video for marketing purposes: What business owners who are afraid to dream big need to know

Who doesn’t love the idea of working from anywhere in the world? When you’re your own boss, it’s easy to pack your bags and take off for three months.

As business owners, we have endless opportunities to design a life the way we see fit. Using video for marketing purposes is only one way to achieve the life of your dreams.

From my experience, I have learnt that those of us who are afraid to dream big are the only ones who won’t be getting what we want. An attitude like this allows us to constantly make decisions within our comfort zone and avoid taking risks. Consequently, we never find ourselves in the arena where dreams are made.

Me travelling for 6 months whilst working on the road

And the same goes for business growth. Because usually it’s people’s personal mind set that will influence their business decisions.

I bet a long time ago you heard of video marketing. Maybe later you started your own business and always had that nagging feeling video marketing is the missing piece in your sales strategy. But you told yourself - ‘once I have made x amount in sales, I will invest into professionally produced video content’ Now, you’ve made your sales but that voice inside your head keeps checking in like ‘My self shot videos have served me ok this far... ‘ or ‘Is it really worth the price?’ or ‘is my company really at the stage to hire a professional video creator?’

Yes, of course you can get by without a professional video campaign, just as well as you can get along without a customised email address or without a website. But you don’t, because building your legacy along with your business is much more than just the sum of its parts. And your customers know that. In fact, your competitors know it, too. Those milestones in your business’ journey are the successes that you will look back on with pride. That moment you saw your own brand name in a professional video campaign that looks like it could be made for Coca Cola. Or Adidas. Or any of those big brands we grew up with watching their commercials on TV. This will be the moment you take your brand to the next level.

Now take the commercials that play before the main film when you go to the movies – they’re packed with tension, incredible audio, beautiful imagery… you’re not taking your eyes off the screen. Because they are as capturing as the main film you are about to watch.

Or take the video that pops up on your feed that stops you from scrolling through mindless posts because it’s just too captivating and stunning not to.

A moving story about a girl who made her dreams come true, all through the help of one product. And why do you know that? Because you stopped to watch the video that tells you all about it. And you’re probably not the only one. Because we all want to escape our world sometimes, be taken to a different place that lets us dream big.

And you can do that for your audience! You can be the escape that makes them stop about their worries for a moment of their day. Or you can be the solution. Or the inspiration. Whatever your brand’s story, whatever the promise - the magic of film takes your audience there. Want proof?

Well firstly, we are visual creatures and our body reacts physically and very directly to what emotions we feed our brains. Many scientific studies have researched the connection between what we see and how our nervous system reacts. Let’s say you are feeling love and pride, which I hope you do, then your sensory activity is most likely going to increase strongly in your head and chest area. In the hopefully more rare occasion of feeling sad or ashamed, it will decrease in the leg and lower body region.

This is a powerful connection that you can use to get your audience to respond.

And I am sure you have experienced it yourself before. Ever seen a movie with a sad storyline that made you cry? Or has a video ever left you feeling inspired and it might have even translated into action? Well… there you have it. Emotion can lead to action. And that’s where you can use powerful video for marketing purposes.

In the right hands, the powerful video marketing campaign that you dream of will totally pay for itself! Why? Not wanting to bore you with numbers but nearly 50% of all people go online to see a video of a product or service before they buy it. And if video creates up to 1200% more shares than still image and text combined… then imagine the sales it will bring to your brand!

Which means in turn, not only will the videos pay for themselves, they will also elevate the status of your brand, spread your message more effectively, capture new audiences and drive sales.

Take a critical look at your marketing efforts now and see how much time and budget they might be costing you. Because maybe they’re not as successful on social media as you would like them to be so you keep creating more and more, focusing on quantity rather than quality. And then you keep pushing your new ad with paid methods until quickly it will run its course again? Well… if the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you might have paid for a professional video commercial already without ever having one!

But you might say, you need bite-sized content rather than one big and expensive one. The turn around on social media is so fast paced.

Well, the space I have here is limited to go into the details of a content strategy that works, that includes easily produced small pieces and the larger pieces for your brand’s go-big moments.

But if you feel like this is anything like you, come on over to my free training video where I explain in more detail how you can use video for marketing to take your company or brand to the next level.

Follow the link and sign up to this free video training!


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