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I am a multi disciplinary storyteller, working predominantly with video, photography and film. Based in London, I work commercially across fashion, music and documentary. 


In the narrative realm of film, I write and direct short film scripts. 

I studied Photography Design at Berlin's iconic Lette Verein and was the recipient of a full scholarship to Goldsmiths, University of London.


As an extension of my personal philosophy, I strive to collaborate and partner with brands that are committed to elevating the status of women, gender equality and female empowerment within the creative industry and beyond.


I am on the roster of Equal Lens, a non-profit championing the work of women and non-binary photographers so commercial and fashion photography can truly reflect the world we live in. 


And lastly, I'm not one to brag, but since you asked...Most recently, I won several awards for my experimental short film 'I am Light' that played in 30+ festivals around the world. I was also amongst the winners of the 'Portrait of Humanity' award show, run by the British Journal of Photography and Siena Photo Awards 2021.


Red Bull Media House, Puma, Channel 4, Dropbox, Universal Music Group, Superdry, Old Mout, British Library, Glenmorangie, Glassworks London, Hunger Magazine, The Guradian, Native Instruments, , Financial Times, Der Spiegel, August, Zeit Online, Focus Online, Kite, Blackstar, Huffington Post, Luitpold, Maniko, Guitar, Torsten Hoffmann, Libertine Magazine, Hello Content, Screencult

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