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Working as a freelance filmmaker, I am drawn to the privilege of unveiling real-life stories, making them available to a wider audience. The filmmaking process provides me with the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, while equpping them with the means to make their voices heard. As a freelance filmmaker, I take pride in creating cinematic work that is purposeful and meaningful. The outcome is a representation that not only tells a remarkable story, but is also an elevated and visually-compelling version of itself. 

Traditionally, documentary filmmaking is delivered in an unpolished, raw and natural form to the audience. However, my personal style merges the raw storyline with stylised cinematography, an approach that I have honed through extensive years of experience as a freelance filmmaker and freelance director. Owing chiefly to my curious nature, I am open to working across a wide range of subjects, techniques and styles. In my capacity as a freelance director, I have shot and produced short- and medium-format factual films. However, as part of my personal mission, I am also deeply interested in working on long-term projects and works that expose social injustice. 

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As a freelance filmmaker in London, I will always engage in thorough research, before starting production for factual films. I can help you deliver watertight stories without having to charge big documentary production company fees


I will guide your long or short format documentary projects on and off set to oversee the progress of story. My experience as a documentary filmmaker and freelance director helps me to find creative solutions for demanding challenges


Tailored to your needs, I also offer video editing to finish your documentary in the same style and handwriting


For small budget projects and short form documentary content, I can also operate as a self shooting director



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